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Considering a new direction, and requesting feedback.

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Considering a new direction, and requesting feedback.

Post by JK•Kitty™ on Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:38 am

Not sure how many of you remember Kitty, so I will start with her (embarrassing and quickly written) chat profile:

JK♦Kitty™ wrote:My name is Kitty. I guess I should begin at the beginning, as that is typically the best place to start.

I was born male, but have transitioned to female though the help of science. The surgery was not without its cost. While I might be fully female now, the toll on my body has weakened it, and without the aid of the force allowing me to heal myself, I would either be hooked up to machines to live, or dead.

I had mentioned I am a Jedi, right? I was sponsored by Jedi Master Ivory Dawn, and was able to get the council to accept me. I was on a mission... one I cannot remember anymore... and the rest becomes hazy.

What I do know is I awoke in a cryo-tube, and found myself alone on a small planetoid. I was alone, and most of my wardrobe, shoes, clothes, robes, had been taken with me. The ship I was in was attacked by something, as the scoring on the sides of the vessel revealed.

I used my lightsaber to help boost the power of the radio, which worked to help power it, but my saber does not work like it once did.

My memory has some serious holes it it, and I am struggling to remember who I used to be, and who I have become. Life is odd. I remember some people, and I know they were important to me, but much of the attachment is gone. One thing is clear, whoever, or whatever had me, experimented on me, and I am no longer the same as I once was.

Pretty sure I still feel like there is nothing more important in life than helping people.

Well, most of the time.

I played a lot of characters in Naboo, and Kitty might be one of my least well known. Heck, some of my buddies were surprised I played her because she was GOOD. Not quasi-good, not usually good, but always good. Her best fight was with some Sith, that she never drew her blade, she talked them out of the attack and let them walk away.

Now, I did give her complication from her request, where she was made fully female (she can even have kids). It damaged her health, but she keeps it in check via Force Healing (she lost her ability to tap into the Force because of some drug in someone's storyline, and was coughing up blood and suffering from fatigue before she got it back). - Let me know if this as a backstory requires being requested again.

I went with partial amnesia (not going to let it be fixed, because it will help me with my memory and things I forgot, and open new doors for her) to allow for minor changes. Also, I don't think anything I did merits me skipping padawan, so if you don't want Knight level Kitty running around, I can use this to justify the drop in rank.

Also, I am considering going Shadow with her. She will not ever tap into the dark powers (she is good, and has to maintain her health), but unlike some jedi (not mentioning names, because age has made me less critical of how others played), she takes the code seriously.

I kept it in check, but Kitty is very passionate. The shadow Jedi code would allow it.

So, for those running, does it make sense? Would you allow the transition?

The rest of you, I'd love to hear your thoughts too.

JK♦️Kitty™️ wrote:"The force guides all actions. Sometimes, if you are really good it will even direct you to a shoe sale!"

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Re: Considering a new direction, and requesting feedback.

Post by Sojihie on Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:48 am

Hun, I totally think you should follow whatever SL you like with her. Paul and Justin are currently the only played shadow, with a couple others leaning to it and a handful of NPCs Paul has been training.

I've always enjoyed your writing and I feel that whoever you want her to be is what will fit her best.

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