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To the Jedi Council (Open to all, see OOC note)

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To the Jedi Council (Open to all, see OOC note) Empty To the Jedi Council (Open to all, see OOC note)

Post by JK•Kitty™ on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:23 am

((OOC: This message is not properly coded, so anyone can feel free to intercept Kitty's original message to the council and use this as IC knowledge. The council's response, however, will no doubt be properly encrypted))

Kitty messes with her communit for several minutes sending out an odd series of sounds. After a few more clicking sounds, and something that oddly sounds like a communit being whacked by a shoe, a short audio transmission is sent.

"By Duma, this new technology will be the death of me.... I just hope I am not calling that brides of Royalyn shop again... Why would they think I would want a holo-order bride?"

After several moments, another audio transmission slips though.

"Okay, if this is not the right button, I will send a scroll via a giant slingshot or something...."

A few more odd sounds transmit, before her image transmits, albeit upside-down for the first three minutes. She has several bruises and cuts on her, all in various stages of healing.

To the Jedi Council (Open to all, see OOC note) Kitty_zpsv1ylfohi

"Esteemed Council, please forgive my extended absence, again, I have found myself in trouble. I was patrolling in a N-1. I was able to purchase, when I was attacked by... I think it was a Corellian Corvette of some sort, I have never seen one like it in design or its massive size before - although I am still a bit out of the loop in technological advances it would seem."

"They easily disabled my ship in spite of my best efforts. A tractor beam was used, and I was taken aboard. I was ready to defend myself, but the entire ship was filled with miniature Olbio trees - complete with Ysalamiri attached to them. Without the force to aid me, I was quickly subdued by their superior numbers. Armor was worn by all I saw, and it was like nothing I had ever seen. It almost appeared the be mandalorian in make, as it was resistant to my blade..."

"Mind you, that could have also been an effect of so many Ysalamiri in the area. I have not read of them affecting our blades, just interrupting our bond with the Force, but these are strange times, at least to me they are."

"Eventually, I was able to escape when they landed on another planet and was able to arrange passage back to Coruscant. I was unable to retrieve my saber, however. I know the code tells us that "There is no passion, there is serenity", but I find myself very upset at its loss. It was the blade I trained with, as the one I crafted has been missing since I awakened in the broken cryo tube. It was the one that Master Dawn gave me when she began my training - her old blade from her time as a padawan. Other than a holopic, it was all I had left of her, as she may have returned to the force, seeing as no one can manage to contact her."

"I will release my feelings and craft another saber, perhaps another pink one. There is not enough pink in the order."

"For now, I am trying to secure passage back to Naboo. I wanted to leave you with one final warning - I overheard them say they were headed to Naboo. May Duma watch over us, while the force guides our actions. I await your guidance."

"Knight Kitty Cosqure, signing out."

She ends the transmission but not before accidentally sending a holovid of "I love the Nightlife" from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

(link if anyone cares - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVfCEzdWi-U)

JK♦️Kitty™️ wrote:"The force guides all actions. Sometimes, if you are really good it will even direct you to a shoe sale!"

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