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Post by Caanan on Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:57 am

This just in, in the early hours of the morning local RSF units responded to an emergency call from the Cylosine Manufacturing Warehouse, where first shift workers discovered a grisly scene. Twelve citizens were found dead, the identities of the victims have not yet been released as the investigation is ongoing. Stay tuned to this wave for more developments.


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Breaking news Empty Re: Breaking news

Post by JK•Kitty™ on Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:47 pm

Kitty leans back in her chair and takes a sip of her cosmo after reading this report. She draws the force into herself, and wraps it around her like a blanket, using it to help calm her. The force grants her serenity, allowing her to purge herself of the shock and horror these horrible deaths, which attempt fill her mind.

"I am certain the council is aware of this, and I will trust them to resolve this henious matter in a speedy fashion."

The new voice of the force that she has only recently become aware of, whsipers ~Justice~ to her mind.

"Still... the Council is often busy, and I am a Knight of the order so there would be no harm in assisting them. Perhaps the Force will reveal more to me, and I can report my findings so they will see that I take my path very seriously."

She reaches out with the force - channeling it to sense and feel for any information that might be cloaked from others, and makes a mental note to watch and listen. All mysteries are revealed at the proper time.

JK♦️Kitty™️ wrote:"The force guides all actions. Sometimes, if you are really good it will even direct you to a shoe sale!"

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